BECMA Blacksmith's Forge with Fan FR31.21/140

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You buy with this offer a komlettes system for forging. This offer is forged bowl is with the lower part (lower housing, ball and lever for Luftreguliereung); Blower for air supply in 230V and all seals (see picture) and mounted on the table mounting screwsBECMA forged bowl komlett heaters for Feldshmiede and forge

Type: FR31.21140
Inside dimensions: 310x210x65mm
External dimensions: 355x275mm
Power: 485m³/h
Air duct: 74x58mm
Mounting surface: 145x140mm

Fansan Blower Motor: 230V, 140Watt, 485m³/h, 2215 rpm

approx dimensions: 605x275x300mm (without lever rods)
approx Weight: 20kg

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