BECMA Blacksmith's Foot Treadle Forge with high quality FR51.M mono

Product no.: FR51.M mono

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We are proud to offer you BECMA Feldschmiede treadle new generation. You do not need electricity for the fan, but only pedal force for the air supply. The fan is also a product of BECMA. The Feldschmiede treadle is komlettes system for forging with fan on frame. The Forge bowl bottom, and blower lid for dust disposal are also part of this system (see picture).

BECMA Feldschmiede with foot operation
Type: FR51.M mono
Inside dimensions: 230x180x48mm
External dimensions: 276x256mm

Inside: 630x480mm
Outside: 650x500mm
BECMA blower wheel

ca. Dimensions: 68x50x85cm
Approx Weight: 100kg

EAN Nummer: 7425753783131
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