BECMA Prof. two Burner Gas Forge for Damascus Forging GFR Pro Damast

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The Gasesse is a high quality and professional product for fire welding. The oven is 80mm and the door is insulated with 70mm ceramic fiber board. The two burners have AirClamps at the back to regulate the air supply. You can optionally bake the stove and get it plastered with fireclay mortar. You can also optionally find the matching GFR.S III underframe for the oven. With the gas forge you get a pressure reducer from GCE with hose rupture protection and armature (excl. GB).
BECMA Gas Forge for fire welding
Type: GFR ProDamast
Interior (WxDxH): 275x490x225mm
External dimensions (WxDxH): 610x850x560mm (commissioning dimensions)
Inner material: 50 + 30mm ceramic fiber board, base 50mm ceramic fiber board and 20mm firebrick A30Tca. Max. 1600 ° C
Gas consumption: At 2,0 bar 4 kg / h
Perm. Operating pressure: max. 2.0 bar
Perm. Operating temperature: 1350 ° C
Pressure reducer: GCE regulator with scale and hose rupture protection, combination connection, item no. 1669
Weight: 90kg
EAN Number: 7425753784916


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