BECMA 5 multiple Burner Gas Forge for sword and long workpieces GFR.5 ProSword with Stand

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The 5 compartment burner Gas Forge with Stand is a high quality product. The two doors consist of two sheets each 2mm and 50mm ceramic seal. With the gas forge you will receive two pressure reducers or a pressure reducer with hose break protection from GCE with branch adapter made of brass and a lighter.

The gas forge GFR.5 ProSword is suitable for forging sword or long parts, which we were repeatedly asked from the beginning. We are pleased to offer you this product.

BECMA 5burner Gas Forge
Type: GFR.5 ProSword
Interior (WxDxH): 250x990x180mm
External dimensions (WxDxH): 500x1300x510mm incl. Handles
Ceramick wall thickness: 50mm
Maximum temperature: 1300 ° C in 15-25 minutes
Firebrick: A30Tca. max. 1600 ° C
Pressure reducer: GCE regulator with scale and hose rupture protection, combo connector, Item number 1669 usually range 0.5-4.0 bar
Stand (WxDxH): 500x1300x510mm
Weight: 150kg

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