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BECMA FR85 Pro Blacksmith's Coal Forge with water tank in high quality

Product no.: FR85 Pro

from 635.00 €

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With this offer you purchase a complete system for forging with fan on frame. The forged bowl with base, ball of air regulation and lid for dust disposal belong to this system (see picture). You get blower with 485m³/h and 600m³/h air capacity. The forgings and fan are mounted on the frame.

BECMA Coal Forge
Type: FR85 Pro
Inside dimensions: 310x210x65mm
External dimensions: 355x275mm
Power: 485m³/h and 600m³ / h
Air duct: 74x58mm
Mounting surface: 145x140mm

Water tank
Length: 390mm
Width: 120mm
Depth: 190mm

Outside: 850x700mm

Blower Motor:
BVN BDRS 140.60, 230V, 140Watt, 485m³/h, 2215 rpm

BVN BDRS 160.60, 230V, 160Watt, 600m³/h, 2000 rpm

approx. Dimensions: 85x70x85cm
approx. Weight: 80kg